Dog haul truck arrives with new greyhounds, then off to Crittertown to clean up the pups before they go to their forever homes


Adoption Process

If you are interested in adopting a greyhound, get started by submitting an application. There are several ways to apply:


1. Fill out and submit the online application





2. Print a copy of the online application and return it by mail


Mailing Address:

James River Greyhounds

PO Box 70811

Richmond, VA  23255



3. Call 804-527-3584 and request an application through the mail 

Once James River Greyhounds receives your application, a confirmation e-mail is sent to you advising that JRG has received your application. A short phone interview is then conducted reviewing your application, answering any questions and scheduling a home visit. This process will help ensure each greyhound is placed into his or her best forever home. Home visits are conducted by one or two JRG representatives, who may bring along a greyhound. This way, you can interact with a greyhound for an extended period of time, see how a greyhound behaves in your home, have questions/concerns addressed, and be well prepared for bringing a greyhound home. 


Once your application is approved, you are notified and the adoption is scheduled. If your greyhound is arriving directly from the track, you are welcomed and encouraged to meet and bathe your new hound prior to taking them home. If your greyhound is already in foster care, we will arrange for a time that is convenient to bring your hound home.

Adoption Fee


What's Included

  • Spay or neuter (including vet exam)

  • Heartworm blood test and prevention

  • Rabies vaccination

  • DHPPC vaccination

  • Dental care

  • Thorough deworming with Drontal Plus

  • Flea & tick preventative

  • Ears cleaned, nails clipped & groomed

  • Transportation from track kennel to Richmond

  • If applicable, personal care and transition training in the loving homes of our foster families! 

  • Adoption Kit with the following:

Martingale collar and matching 6 foot lead - designed specifically for sighthounds

Track muzzle, dental kit

Toy & compressed rawhide bone 


We can also supply you with an Easy Fold Travel Crate

(42" for $90 or 48" for $110)

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